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This Video was shot at The Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My friend Jon was in charge of the camera. The drink is called an Absinthe Flip. A concoction consisting of Absinthe, Triple Sec, Rosemary infused Lemon Juice, egg white, squirrel bitters, and a lemon mist.. Very refreshing cocktail with a frothy and silky body..It's a little difficult to make a bunch of these at a Wedding, but for in-home Private Events these are perfect..

Family, my Mom and Pops!

The Squirrel parents are very important to me and play a major role in the positive choices I make in life.

~This Picture was taken at a private event that I was working.  Momma Squirrel landed me the spot..

I should probably introduce my Son, Diesel..

   This guy has been with me for about 10 years now and he is still smiling, that must mean I am a good owner!

When you tell Diesel that it is time to take a shower, he gets all excited. In the past, he has run and gotten into the shower by himself..

  Many people have a tough time with giving their pets a bath...

< This is my main man G.  He is always looking to something new. In this picture, he teamed up with me at a Private Event.  We had a great time being apart of a neighborhood party.  The energy was positive and smiles all around...
> Thanks to the United States Bartenders Guild, I have been apart of another successful mixer. The "mixers" are put together for new and currents members. We have plenty of food and prizes like the one I am holding here...
< My latest event held at Cow Pie farms. I have been doing more and more outdoor events. I really enjoy the outdoors, so it is really nice to hear when a wedding is outside..

< This is my go to bartender Colleen. She is a personality specialist, and a highly experienced hospitality professional!


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